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All of the mascots, princesses and superheroes that you see below are available for hire by emailing or visiting our "Contact" page. 


Contact our Managing Director - Ceri Davies BEM for more details. 
Call/Text: 07946571964


If you would like to become a member of our team, bringing smiles to children. Then please get in contact with Ceri Davies BEM on the number above. 



 Our prices for manned mascot hire are as follows:

1 mascot for 1 hour appearance with small gift £50.00 

1 mascot for 90 min appearance £75.00

1 mascot for 2 hour appearance £100.00

2 mascots for 1 hour appearance £100.00

2 mascots for 90 min appearance £150.00

2 mascots for 2 hour appearance £200.00

For more mascots and time combinations please contact us!


Mileage: 55p per mile after 6 miles.


We are fully insured with both Public and Employee Insurance.

Our Mascots

"Children's Courageous Champions."    



Our three loveable dogs are a great addition to any party.  


   They love to dance and can be very mischievous! 


  They are very good at making children smile and are very good at joining in with the fun and games!


  These three lovely young ladies entertain all people and especially for children who are poorly. 


  Some of them have been known to sing and like the more wintery kind of weather! 


  They are lovely girls who aim to make a difference and raise a smile.


  These two mice are inseparable, always making people smile.


   They raise a cheer and make your party or event go with a bang.


  This super spider is bound to shoot some webs and make your event or party a happy day!





This superhero loves bats and flying in the dark, however he can bring the light into your next event and party.


This lovely lady is ready to spice up any party. She loves having a dance and watching all the nail painting and face painting!



Gekko is one of the youngest member of our More Mascots team but he’s a strong and sticky master of hiding. He’s ready to rush in and save the day with his super muscles.Gekko is one of the youngest member of our More Mascots team but he’s a strong and sticky master of hiding. He’s ready to rush in and save the day with his super muscles.

He may be one of the youngest members of our More Mascots team but he is

ready to go with his super camouflage skills and his green muscles.




This character likes iron pipes and is a modern version of a classic. He loves to party with the children and travel from web to web. 









 This superhero likes to fly in the sky and take command of the ship. 







If you need somebody to help you in an emergency this is the superhero for you! He ensures that More Mascots Please CIC attends all of their parties. 






























This superhero is always youthful and can make returns to your child's next party or event!





 This smiley cat is very cheeky and is guaranteed to make all the party-goers smile from ear to ear!










Don't let his huge muscles scare you, our Hulk look-a-like is a big softy at heart!


















This little piggy loves to play and party with her friends! A visit from her is guaranteed to make your party something special. 







This friendly pal will make a great appearance at your party, and he'll bring his blankie too!

  Invite this beautiful flowery girl to your party! She is excited to play games with you and your friends.     


                                                  This Youtuber likes to sing and dance to nursery rhymes. 

We are fully insured with both Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

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