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All of the mascots, princesses and superheroes that you see below are available for hire. 

Prices are as follows: 

£90.00 each to hire, plus £50.00 returnable deposit. 

We are fully insured with both Public and Employee Insurance.

Contact Ceri Davies for more details -
Call/Text: 07946571964

Our Mascots

"Children's Courageous Champions."    


Some new characters have joined More Mascots Please CIC to help our cause to help disabled, disadvantaged and poorly children. Our two new dogs are available to hire now so book quickly as they will be very popular. More characters will be added so keep looking at our website.

   This dog is loveable and spotty. He makes lots of children smile as he is known to be a bit clumsy at times!!
   This friendly face dances and waves, getting up to all sorts of mischief!
   These lovely young ladies entertain all people and especially for children who are poorly. Some of them have been known to sing and like the more wintery kind of weather! If you would like them to party with you then give us a phone or drop us an email. They are lovely girls who aim to make a difference and raise a smile.
  This beautiful lady is delightful. She loves playing with children but equally could turn any adult's head.
   These two are inseparable, always liking to make people smile and getting them excited. They raise a cheer and make your party or event go with a bang. 
   This super spider is bound to shoot some webs and make your event or party a happy day!
   This super-cool dude will leave you ready and rearing to go at your next Children's party or event!
   This superhero loves bats and flying in the dark, however he can bring the light into your next event and child's party.
  This superhero is always youthful and can make returns to your child's next party or event!


  Mintie was More Mascots Please CIC first ever mascot. He is the big boss and is leader of the way forward. Mintie came to have his name because he is a giant green dog. All future mascots will have to respect the big boss and associate themselves with Mintie. Mintie loves entertaining children, especially poorly ones to help them get better. He also loves mint chocolate chip ice-cream as he loves the colour and licking up the ice-cream with big dog lips and big paws. Mintie wants to be a courageous champion for children and loves butterflies as this reminds him of Kevin Round who inspired Mintie’s movement.
  Melanie is Mintie's friend who loves big yellow sunflowers as they are the same colour as she is. She loves fashion, big bows and creative doggie arts very much. Melanie is there to assist Mintie in any way that she can because Liam inspired her to do so.
  Banoffie is a beaver that loves swimming. She swims in the puddles, ponds and lakes for hours! Banoffie has a very cute heart-buttoned nose and a lovely bow. Her beaver feet are huge and cuddly. She is very excited to join the MMP CIC mascots and thanks 'Costumes With Character' for letting her play with Mintie and Melanie. 
  Poppie has hopped his way into the More Mascots Please CIC team. He really loves chocolate and he is looking forward to Easter time. He wants to raise as many pennies as he can to help the maximum amount of children possible in the Black Country and Birmingham areas. 



Bobbie is a huge honeycomb bear. He loves to wave, smile and shake children's hands. He enjoys eating honey, climbing trees and most of all gives the best big bear hugs!





Rosie is the new member of our mascot family. She is a rebellious, cheeky bear. She loves the pink bow in her ear and enjoys helping children in need of extra support. She is very happy to be a member of the mascot gang and to help us with our special cause. She would really like you to book her to raise some extra money for the cause.

We are fully insured with both Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

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