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Amy and Joe Dimmick Case Study 3

Posted 1/3/2022

I first met Amy and Joe Dimmick in 2016. Amy has Rett Syndrome.

“Rett syndrome is a rare neurological disorder affecting mainly females and very few males. It is present from conception and usually remains undetected until major regression occurs at around one year of age, when children may lose acquired skills and become withdrawn. Genetic but largely not inherited, Rett syndrome is usually caused by a fault on a gene called MECP2 which is found on the X chromosome. People with Rett syndrome have profound and multiple physical and communication disabilities and are totally reliant on others for support throughout their lives.” This was gratefully taken from

Her older brother Joe has Asperger Syndrome.

“Asperger syndrome, or Asperger’s, is a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. Typical to strong verbal language skills and intellectual ability distinguish Asperger syndrome from other types of autism. Asperger syndrome generally involves: difficulty with social interactions, restricted interests, desire for sameness and distinctive strengths.” (


As I was building my parents group on Facebook, I met Joe, Amy and Kelly. In September of that year, I became critically ill with sepsis 8 times, and I was admitted into various hospitals. Kelly, Amy and Joe always made an effort to come and visit me when I was so poorly. From the day that I met them, they have been service users of More Mascots Please CIC. They have come to every Christmas party, been given gifts and joined us on our summer trips, santa teas, and a Halloween visit to Dudley Zoo. When I recovered from my hospitalisation, as a thank you to Kelly, I made her a trustee director of More Mascots Please CIC for all the kindness that she showed me during my life-threatening hospitalisation. Amy has complex needs and life can be extremely difficult for the whole family. Nevertheless, the Dimmick’s are a lovely family with two beautiful children who are always trying to help others.

Here is a quote from Kelly about the difference our services have made to her family. ‘We have met lots of new friends dealing with similar things. The children have attended some wonderful days out, activities and parties where they could relax.’


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